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Love and Verse

I was watching episode 6 of CO-OP and was pretty impressed by one of the indie games they covered, Love. As well as having a cool aesthetic, it has a rich technical background that I was not expecting.

It was very interesting to read through the developers blog and the tools and tech video is pretty nuts too.

Double shuttle

If you are a fan of the NASA space program, there is a rare event occurring at Kennedy Space Center at the moment. The shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch on a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope on May 12th from pad 39A. At the same time, shuttle Endeavour is being prepared on pad 39B for a quick response rescue mission, should the Atlantis crew become endangered during their mission.

It is quite a sight to see the two shuttles prepared at the same time. SpaceFlightNow has some good shots.

In addition, this is the last time a shuttle will stand on pad 39B before the site is redesigned for use with the new Ares 1 rockets.

Spore Player Experience Research

Here is a video of outtakes from Spore Player Experience Research. It’s amazing that it was tested with 59 players for 393 hours. I’d love to see more testing footage from this and other games.

For Beastie Boys Fans

ABC2 is showing Awesome: I….Shot That! on Wednesday 15th April at 9:20pm.

It is a concert movie where they gave 50 cameras to 50 fans and then used the video the fans captured during the concert to make the movie.


I’ve been working on some code today and yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it next week. Anyway, I have been using PHP, MySQL and HaXe as well as learning some basic CSS.

It’s good to work with the OneTwenty guys again on a fun project.