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At work today I was in the unusual situation of having about an hour with nothing to do. We hit the end of a sprint so my options for picking up new scheduled work were pretty limited. Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the time to sharpen the saw. In this case I decided to learn a little more about my text editor of choice, Emacs, and in particular, Emacs Lisp. I came across a few emacs specific blogs that offered good tips for customising the configuration of emacs. Not super exciting, but a nice diversion.

Conan and Anime

Tron Legacy

The Zyber

ZyberFlux Menu Screen

ZyberFlux Menu Screen

I was downloading some of the demo releases from the Breakpoint 2009 from last night and decided to check if we had any more feedback on ZyberFlux.

I also google searched, to find some traces elsewhere. The video we made is on YouTube. Zyberflux is also available on a few software download sites. Working on ZyberFlux was goodtimes.

The other day a friend of mine mentioned how they might have some time in the near future to start playing WoW. Two other friends then said they would start (or restart) also. I thought to myself, I’d be in on that too! Not so much for the WoW, but playing together with friends would be great fun.

We should totally work on another 120 project or play a MMO together in the near future. After watching some pc demos, I’m super psyched for group action actions.

Internet Censorship

I enjoyed this short piece on internet censorship. The idea of internet censorship is so ridiculous, I find it pretty hard to take the whole thing seriously.

Tha Maxx

MTV has posted the first few episodes of The Maxx. I remember watching this show late at night many years ago. I think it was aired as a filler, so catching an episode was rare good luck. It must have been the first “adult” animation I had ever seen, the story did a pretty good job of blowing my young mind.