Motorcycle Training

My brother Mat bought me a couple of motorcycle training lessons for christmas, I took one of them this afternoon. I learned with Evans Motorcycle Training on a Honda CBF250.

First I got introduced to the controls: clutch, throttle, front and rear brakes and the gear shift. Then it was time to start her up and try to move off. It immediately brought back memories of my first days learning to drive a car. Keeping the throttle at a good level and controlling the clutch is a new skill when you do it with your hands. The throttle seems as sensitive as I remember the accelerator pedal feeling when I learned to drive.

For the rest of the hour long lesson I did laps of the car park, getting used to the throttle, learning to use the rear brake and clutch to control the speed of the bike, and finally shifting up into second and back down to first. A great experience, I’m going for another lesson next week.

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